Somerton Furniture - Bad return policy. I paid 1,100 for dining set. After charges I would end up with around 200.00.

Livingston, New Jersey 1 comment

I paid around 1,100 for a dining room set from Somerton.When it arrved I was not happy with the quality.

By the time I would have paid restocking fee, the fee for shipping table to my home and return shipping I would have been left with around 200.00, They offered no compromise. I feel that it is probably not a mistake that the do not give you the name of the companies that do not accept returns or inform you that items have to be returned in original condition and has not been assembled when you are placing your order.

I would never use this company again for any reason.


San Diego, California, United States #811612

Bought the Somerton Runway bedroom set with chest of drawer, nightstand and bed.Looked beautiful.

But poor construction. No dovetailing. Weakest tracks for drawers ever! Single track.

Put clothes inside and it stained them. The weight of the drawer with clothes caused the track to break sending bb's everywhere and scratched the heck out of the wood. Worst $1,700 I ever spent.

Wish I never bought it.Cheap junk.

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